Name: FaMinThalionTaurë

Class: Rogue
Race: Elf
Age: 130yrs
HPs: 8
Gold: 130

Appearance: Light Brown skin and long green hair. A bit on the short side (5’3 ish) Thin. Not married or anything of the sort.

Strength: 10
Charisma: 14 ( +2 )
Wisdom: 10
Intelligence: 14 ( +2 )
Constitution: 14 ( +2 )
Dexterity: 14 ( +2 )


Appraise (int)
Bluff (chr)
Climb (str) 3
Craft (Bower) (int) 2
Linguistics (int) 4
Diplomacy (chr)
Disable Device (dex) 3
Disguise (chr)
Escape Artist (dex) 4
Intimidate (chr)
Knowledge Local (int) 2
Knowledge Arcana (int) 4
Perform (chr)
Profession (wis)
Sense Motive (wis)
Sleight of Hand (dex) 2
Swim (str)
Use Magic Device (chr) 4
Use Rope (dex)
Perception (wis) 4
Acrobatics (dex) 4
Sneak (dex) 4

Feat: Skill training: Knowledge Arcana

Languages: Elvish, Common, Draconic, Aquan, Sylvan, Dwarven, Human, Celestial


Family Names:
FatherAdult Male Three Father’s Mother’s Tribe: LoNeledThalionMarillaTaurë
Step-MotherAdult Female One Father’s Mother’s Tribe: FaMinBelegEruaphadrielTaurë
First BrotherYoung Male Two Father’s Mother’s Tribe: KaTadThalionEruaphadrielTaurë
Second BrotherYoung Male Three Father’s Mother’s Tribe: KaNeledThalionEruaphadrielTaurë
First SisterYoung Female Four Father’s Mother’s Tribe: SiCanadThalionEruaphadrielTaurë

Nicknames for family:
Me – Lost: Vanwa (vahn-wa)
Father – Rushing: Asca (Ahs-kah) also Father: Ada (ah-dah)
Step-Mother – Grace: Erulissë (air-oo-lees-ay)
First Brother – Magic: Gûl (gool)
Second Brother – Commander: Káno (kah-no)
First Sister – Anger: Ruth (rooth)

Father is always referred to by Ada whereas step-mother is only referred to by Erulissë. Erulissë is descendant from two lines of council members, both her grandfathers specifically. Ada aimed in this marriage a chance to repair the damage done by his young forays and having had Vanwa at age 30. He had hoped that by marrying well he would be able to create a better life for himself and Vanwa and that his future children would also be able to grow up to have a better life. Erulissë and Ada had Gûl at age 100 and 103 respectively. Káno was born 10 years later and Ruth 15 years after that. Vanwa left the village at 124 and has been living off the land since.

Father’s class: Ranger
Step-Mother: Aristocrat/Sorcerer


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