Necromancer king Tre’tok the Undying

The Wizard King of old, ruler of the current human kingdoms centuries past


The Necromancer king Tre’tok the Undying ruled the area currently known as the Ertani kingdoms and some area besides for several decades, known for his command of the minds and souls of men, his lordship over a vast domain and a personal power that fills children’s night terrors to this day.

He was slain 700 years ago by a group of heroes lead by a holy knight. A lone warrior survived the ordeal to tell the horrid tale.

Part of the reason for his infamy is due to much of his legacy living on today as Tre’tok was one of the most prolific creators of magical artifacts in the current ages.

The Arcanists order has an open bounty on any and all items created by Tre’tok and they offer 500 gold pieces for even the least creation verified to bear his sigils of power (a sense of impending doom and crushing chill on the bones). For honestly dangerous goods (a large portion of his creations) their offers go up sharply.

Necromancer king Tre’tok the Undying

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