Pre-Game Timeline

The Dawn of Time

A number of creations myths and legends surround this time which countless eons or a few hundreds of years depending on whom you ask. What is known is no humanoid races walked the earth in this time and even the most ancient of dragons can only claim distant legends from their kinds birth in a world where the elements were broiling and chaotic and only they and the “Retha” a subterranean burrowing behemoth race, roamed the earth as thinking creatures. The Retha were great worm like creatures who supposedly swam though the rock and water with equal ease and while no images or remains have survived to the modern ages occasional cave networks and underground formations have no other reasons explanation to be.

The First Ages – The ages of legend

The beginnings of “History”

Lore of the Dwarves

Earth, the most stable of elements calmed first from the Dawn Times. Mountains jutted up and valleys carved deep in eons past as the waves of Earth became rock and soil and mineral. Born of this calming were the Dwarves. The People of The Mountain. Hearty and hail the dwarves cunning in stone craft and metal work permitted them to thrive in the darkened caverns of their birth. Their stability as children of stone has lead them to a contemplative nature that seeks truth where others have not even applied thought and their understanding of the world and its sorceries often terrifies the other races.
Deep under the earth they have delved since ages long past, keeping to their own counsel.
Dwarven lore holds that all the other races were birthed of the other elements over millennia but make no claim as to which of the races came from what elements, only that they can after.

The Dwarven sages hold that they have been a people for some 59,056 years, keep all on their critical records using this date, and say that the world itself is immeasurably older than even this, and the Dawn Times needed to have been this long for the natural order to have come to be.
The few who learn of this scoff at this notion as most other races wise men hold the world no more than 5-15 thousand years old.

Lore of the Humans
Human lore holds that the Dawn Times ended several thousand years ago. None can say how long and the tales vary and are often the centre of friendly drunken banter. It is held that God willed creation into being, setting order to the elements, that their might be Sea and Hill, Vale and Mountain, Life and Death. What is known is that following the times of chaos was an age of wonders. Men did not hunger or thirst. The poorest man was housed and the rule of law was fair and respected. The Empire of Man spanned the world. The golden age came to an end some 3000 years past when evil sorcerers came into power and sought to rule all of mankind for their own gain, men had become corrupt an lax that this could happen as the adversary filled their hearts and minds and they turned from God. A war of terrible proportions followed as man battled man for supreme power, shattering the age of wonder and many of its creations plunging all men into a dark a barbarous age. The shattered fragments of the humans sheltered together gathering across the seas to what is now the Ertaini Empire.
Following this age…
Here humans stood together to rebuild their people and while there are large settlements of humans elsewhere in the world nowhere else boasts so large and area, peaceful under clear rulership. Not all has been harmonious, seven hundred years ago a grim reminder of the past rose up, Tre’tok, the Undying rose to the throne though trickery, guile and power, shattering the old dynasties for his own selfish gain. For almost 200 years he ruled and while a true historian can name a dozen despots who had done things as vile or worse without magic none ring in the minds of men like Tre’tok for he threatened to again bind all mankind to one dark and terrible will.

Lore of the Elves
Before, there was everything. The sky and sea, stone and flame. All was one and together. It was the great times as there were no boundaries. Spirit and Being were the same and could be… no… and were everything.
As time past, slowly, order fell on the everything. The jumble became different things and each of them was themselves, and no longer everything. The first things to come apart were the greatest, the largest things.
The Good – the light, growing, becoming, nurturing
The Evil – the darkness, shriveling, undoing, depriving.
These are not opposites, there are no opposites remember. Everything Is.
For a time The Good, the first to come apart from everything, worked to build other different things from the everything.
The Good made life and air, love and water, song and light, day and freedom.
For a time The Evil was content to observe, for creation does not come naturally to it. but in time it saw its purpose and from the everything pulled out the twins to what the Good had made
The Evil made death and earth, hate and fire, noise and darkness, night and restraint.

The Good saw this and in answer to Death made Spirit, that it might overcome death.

The Evil made Despair, that might crush the Spirit… and so on they danced.

Making a world, not good or evil, but containing everything.

Pre-Game Timeline

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