Prestige Class - Mystic of the Order of the Arcane

The Mystic Order of the Arcane – Prestige class/Organization – In a world where magic cannot be learned, there are still those who seek to harness it.

Alignment – Non-Chaotic, Lawful favoured.
Use Magic device: 9 Ranks
Knowledge Arcane: 9 Ranks
Linguistics: 9 Ranks
Arcane Training Feat (+2 U.M.D. +2 Knowledge (Arcana))
Iron Will

Cannot be able to cast spells
Can no longer take levels in any spell casting class

Arcane Magical ability is a wild talent, held by random vagabonds lacking training or discipline. These irresponsible beings place the populous at risk, more so as their passage often leave behind relics of their chaotic power. The Order was formed in ages past to collect these cast off remnants, study and use them for the good of all. Or at least all who can afford the price tag.

The Order itself is quite large with a small Guild hall in most major cities and representation in most settlements above farming villages. Arcanists, the ruling body of the order, however are relatively rare. The remainder if the order is primarily made up of mixed experts and rogues. No spell casting class has significant representation in the Order. As expected Use Magic Device is a heavily favoured skill even for those not initiated into the inner mysteries. Many Arcanists take Leadership as they gain in rank to have a network of spies and dungeon delvers to expand their collections.

Orders statistics: Alignment Lawful Neutral (The organizations mandate is control, containment and discipline over random magical beings and items)
Traits: Hierarchical (Highest level Arcanist typically will be in charge, those who have completed the class has a complex pecking order based on internal intrigues, in the absence of a full member, lay members typically have rank based on Skill, Merit and Dedication to the order), bureaucratic, secretive (of the inner mysteries), public (maintain an active social presence, aid local communities with magical issues/ threats)
Primarily Human and Gnomish representation with a sizable minority of Halflings.

HP – d6
Combat progression: as Rogue
Saves: good Will and Ref
6 skill points per level + Int modifier
Class skills: Scholar focused w. some rogue tricks – Working list: Appraise, Bluff, Sneak, Sense motive, U.M.D, Linguistics, Knowledge (all), Diplomacy, Spell craft, Alchemy, Perception, Heal, Craft (any), Profession (Any)


Non-spell caster: Due to the training and methods of handling mystical forces members of this class cannot attain levels in or use magic by any other means, this include spells that grant spell caster or Spell-like abilities temporarily. This does not affect Racial traits (Gnomish cantrips).

Note: Arcanists who become Chaotic can no longer advance in the class until they return to a non-Chaotic alignment. Remaining Chaotic does not remove any class features however the Order frowns on such individuals and typically takes steps to ensure their secrets are kept out of the hands of the unworthy.

Level 1 – Cautious research (identify), Runic training
Cautious research – In a well equipped lab (500 gp value in glassware and various delicate instruments) a member of the Order at this level can take up a research project to identify the properties of items of magical origin (Divine, Arcane or other source). This process takes 1 day per property of the item and consumes 50 gp of materials per day. If the process is interrupted for more than 15 minutes (aside from the characters rest periods) the materials are lost. The character will not know when they have finished until a days work finds no new properties. This process is grueling on mind and body. If interrupted and at completion of the research the Arcanist will be fatigued.
Runic training- +2 insight bonus to linguists for deciphering texts, codes, partial writings and unknown languages

Level 2 – Touch of the master
+2 save DC’s – When activating items the Arcanist can increase the DC on the saving throws by 2

Level 3 – Arcane trap sense, Veteran experimenter
Arcane trap sense – At this point the Arcanist is sufficiently familiar with the works of Sorcerers that they can examine cursed or trapped items with some defence. When about to activate a magical trap or pick up or used a cursed item the Arcanist receives a Will save (DC 10 + spell level or 15 for typical effects without levels ie cursed items) to notice the effect and avoid activating it.
Veteran experimenter – Arcanists of this level also receive a +4 insight bonus to activate magic items blindly.

Level 4 – Deft Touch of the Master
+2 spell penetration – Activating magic items the Arcanist can now increase both the DC on the saving throw by 2 and spell penetration by 2

Level 5 – Perfected understanding
At this level of skill the Arcanist can take 10 on Use Magic Device checks, even under stressful situations, this removes the failure chance from the skill

Prestige Class - Mystic of the Order of the Arcane

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