Rule Variations

Several general changes have been made to the game rules:

Character Generation

Custom Race – Salimanas

Magic Item Creation

  1. Wizard is NOT a PC Class
  2. Druid is NOT a PC Class
  3. Cleric is a Prestige Class accessible at 8th Level Adept or 4th Level Paladin. Full detail and requirements available on request
  4. No “Half-” races – special exception may exist/ be permitted but you will be a one of a kind oddity.
  5. Psion and Wilder are permitted basic classes and count as “arcane magic users” for all future referrance to the magic rules
  6. Expert is now a PC class and they receive a bonus feat every 2 levels (as Fighter)
    Experts feats list:
    - all skill and saving throw feats
    - All weapon proficiency feats
    - Combat feats with an Int requirement
    - Open minded (the Gain 5 skill points version)
    - Skill Training (select a skill, this is now treated as a class skill)
    - Run
  7. All Arcane Magic users gain the “Spell Thematics” Feat at no charge, selecting spell options that retain and enhance this theme is strongly encouraged
  8. A feat call “magic user” is required to learn arcane magic, this cannot be taken after character generation and is granted for free to all character who start play as arcane magic users – as “Force Sensitive” from the Star Wars D20 game (in the event this ever matters it MUST be taken as the first character feat at Lvl 1)
  9. Arcane magic users all use the SP system
  10. it is not possible to multi-class into more than one Arcane magic using class
  11. greater than full transparency on Psi/Arcane Magic – any Psi feat that could be used by an arcane caster on the SP system can be taken and vice-versa. each specific case to be GM approved Psicraft is replaced by Spellcraft etc.
  12. Adepts receive a base of 4 Skill points per level and have Diplomacy added to their class skill list
  13. Good Adepts get access to the Good and Healing Domains and bonus domain spells
  14. Evil Adepts get access to the Evil and Death Domains and bonus domain spells

Favoured class changes:
Elven favored class: Ranger- Wood elf, Bard – High Elf, Wild Elf – Sorcerer
Gnome favored class: Expert TENTATIVE: Gnome removed/made a sub-race of dwarf

Skills have been streamlined, the same number of skill points are assigned however we are using the Pathfinder skill list, it’s cleaner.

  • Perception (Wis) – merger off of Spot, Search and Listen. This skill is class favoured to all classes.
  • Merge hide and move silently into “Stealth” (Class skill for Bard, Monk, Ranger Rogue)
  • Merge tumble jump and balance are now “Acrobatics” (Class skill for Barbarian, Bard, Monk, Rogue)
  • Merge Open Lock and Disable Device onto Disable device (Class skill for Rogue)
  • Merge “Speak Language”, “Decipher Script” and “Forgery” under “Linguistics” (Class skill for Bard, Cleric, Rogue)
  • Merge “Gather information” under Diplomacy (Bard, Paladin, Cleric, Rogue)
  • Merge “Concentration” under Spellcraft (all spell casters)
  • Use Rope is no longer a skill.

Rule Variations

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