Temple – A simple 2 story structure near the main gate into the islands interior. The bell tower (and gleaming silvered bell) is clearly visible (and audible) both at sea and from inland for some distance.

In many ways the social centre of the community the small local temple and funeral grounds remain a beacon of peace even in the recent uproar consuming much of the rest of the town. Weekly gatherings for worship are well attended and nearly constant light traffic is present as people come and go keep the building feeling lived in.

This is in part due the the calming influence of the local priest, a skilled adept and powerful speaker, who insists he is not the cause of the calm, God is. He is at best a crude tool in the hands of Good. Frederick Davos, a man of peace and serenity and always encourages a moderate path. Frederick is getting on in years and walks slowly and with a cane, however his pet raven has been trained to speak and manage simple messages and most supplies are gladly delivered for the old man by various locals (all of whom have at several relatives or friends who owes the old mans healing hands, and knowledge of poison treatment, their lives).