Welcome to Stranger Shores, a free wheeling, player generated setting for D&D.

The core premise behind the player generated setting is simple:
The Players KNOW what they want out of their gaming experience better then I ever could. So I let them paint all the broad strokes, within the guidelines I set.

The core Idea I wanted to look at (cause ya know I get SOME say in the matter) was a D&D world where arcane magic cannot be learned, is a comparatively rare talent and divine magic doesn’t follow the “insert cleric for free healing” model. To this end I banned the “Wizard” class, Cleric is a prestige class and Druid is not a PC class (cause druids are kinda hard to cram in anyway).
Arcane magic here is a twisting force, something that comes from a font of power deep within you, rather than a manipulable external energy. It changes things it touches.
The Divine is more distant than the default with no deities as such, just nebulous forces of good and evil and their champions. All those so touched are half way otherworldly, and full Clerics command attention, prophets of cosmic forces with no voice mere men can understand, for good or ill, their words and deeds change the world.

I presented this idea to the first group of players and they came back with a prestige class for ‘wizard’ using Use Magic Device to “learn” magic, ideas for upgrading Expert (because one of the players REALLY wanted to play Indiana Jones, but not a rogue cause sneak attack is lame) and an island, rich with silver and pearls where the default threat to wandering adventurers is giant spiders rather than some goblinoid.

The second group really liked the spiders and the frontier town ideas so we kept them but made the spiders far more common and larger
and requested the re-work on the skill listings (cause 3 separate skills to notice stuff is lame)

Also new semi primitive lizard men race that goes evil and insane when they grow old!

The map still needs some graphical adjustments to outline the defined kingdoms and such.

To Stranger Shores - a D&D 3.(whatever) production

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